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As a General Contractor in Ottawa, We have provided  services that enhance Arqca's ability to envision and create excellence. Therefore, we can offer great quality and results for your company. Here are a few projects we have participated in.

Industrial Building


Confederation Building

Public works are part of the identity of Arqca Associes Inc. we have developed a project for PWGSC with extraordinary results, being recognized as a reliable contractor. We managed the project ensuring the mximum satisfaction and quality.


Canterbury Recreational Complex Pool

Preparation, of apparent structures  and walls ( including block and drywall ), and painting of such surfaces. Using dual components of epoxy that required us to be incredibly careful with the timing and precision of the appliance of such a product. Fulfilling our duties with our client. Resulting in great results and great quality.


RCMP Building B

Assessing and painting  roofs and apparent structures, as well as hallways, wall of rooms and walls of the entire structure. Including wall and structure preparation for the proper application and in consequence excellent paint results.

Projects: Projects
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