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ARQCA Associes Inc. Is a company founded and registered in the city of Ottawa in April 2017, with a clear vision of being one of the most renowned and profitable construction organization in Ottawa. The company initiated by offering industrial painting services within the region of Gatineau and Ottawa, achieving outstanding results; Making the company increase its revenue yearly without sacrificing excellence, quality, and commitment, always putting its customer and its necessities at the center of everything It does.

Since 2018, the company has been awarded diverse contracts to date in which it has developed diverse activities awarding the great name for the extraordinary quality and excellent customer service. 

In 2019 The company, was ready to take its next step on the great journey to fulfill its Vision. Hence, it participated as a General Contractor to work for a project for public work. This was an important milestone since it projected itself as a GC, and by being awarded the contract, it devoted itself on over performing within the scope of the work, which lead to be congratulated by public work as a reliable company to work with.

It was after this important milestone that the company decided to expand its operation by involving more staff and started to bid in projects that involved not only panting and restoration but also projects that hold a construction component.

In conclusion the excellent managing, phenomenal vision, the great commitment of its Project Manager and accounting team, has allowed the company to complete contracts with a wide spectrum of construction services, making ARQCA a solid company that is responsible and capable of delivering excellent results.

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